Charity pages where clicking is necessary:

Contact with author: site gathers charity actions in one place, e.g. Pajacyk, Habitus, Polskie Sztuczne Serce. Operating principle of this site helps clicking on over 50 charity actions in 3-5 minutes. This website will automatically choose counting link and if it's not possible will align website on clicking button for your conveniece :).

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First group of sites (1 to 4) is automaatic, doesn't need your action - you only need to launch first link and wait aminute for loading all of these sites (for the first time it loads the slowest, next times - faster). System counts at this moment all "clicks" and... this is all what you have to do.

Remember! Wait a moment for loading of all sites.

Second group of sites needs your action - clicking of each button on the site.

If you wait for a minute for loading of all sites, place of clicking will be automatically align. (will be scrolled in proper place) - all you need to do is clicking. For the first time site can be loading very slowly, maybe even freeze for a moment, it's because of many sites open at the same moment. Second time everything should work much better.

Set this site as homepage site and you will remember about everyday help.

Big thanks for everyone for your help. site is presented about 40 times everyday and after multiple this per number of all charity action on this site give 2000 of "clicks"!

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